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Working with Children for Children

A school where the length of
a lesson is constantly changing

Working with Children for Children

A school where the length of
a lesson is constantly changing

Working with Children for Children

Communication and Openness

Make them be able to recognise and form their own thoughts

Problem solving

Help them think in a problem solving way


Help them feel and behave responsibly

Making decisions

Teach them how to make good decisions in tough situations

Our Background

From a Dream to Reality

A Turbó Tanoda 2015-ben alakult. Elsősorban tanulási diagnosztikával, egyéni és csoportos képességfejlesztéssel és tehetséggondozással foglalkoztunk. 2017-től a Budai Magánzeneiskolával együttműködve beindítottuk a Turbó Sulit, amely mára egy komplex oktatási centrum lett.

“A „I was studying to be a teacher at Benedek Elek Kindergarten Training College and Berzsenyi Dániel Teacher Training College while I was a full time student. I was among the first who had the opportunity to acquire the reading and writing teaching method of Ildikó Meixner having been taught directly by her. In 1997, I finished her accredited course: Prevention and Correction of Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, by Ildikó MeixnerAt ELTE Faculty of Humanities in 2003, I completed a Postgraduate Specialist Course in Corrective and Preventive Educational Psychology. In 2013 I graduated as a Special Education Teacher from the University of West Hungary, Apáczai Csere János Faculty with a degree in Pedagogy of Students with Learning Disabilities."


Sindulár Marianna
Educational Manager,
Turbó Tanoda

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Pedagogical Credo

Our aim is to educate happy individuals who are able to plan and realise their life goals independently.

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We strive to create a community where being together is our highest purpose and where all children are equally important.
Our aim is to help children to be themselves and to be able to develop realistic and age-appropriate goals, by building on their strengths while maintaining diversity.
We have children of all kinds: sincere, curious, lively, open, kind, docile, clever, ingenious or needing help because of lacking some kind of a capability.
They all should be aware of their strong sides as well as their weaknesses, so that they will be able to use those in all their life to be effective.

Psychological approach and support

Nurturing Children’s Social-Emotional Development

  • Improve and maintain social interactions with peers
  • Prevent and treat interpersonal difficulties
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Play-based, small group activities
  • Learn to manage thoughts and emotions effectively
  • Increase self-confidence and self-worth
  • Decrease anxiety and problem behaviors
  • Scientifically proven techniques including Behavior Therapy, CBT, and relaxation/mindfulness exercises
  • Parenting skills training
  • Learn functional and positive behavior management techniques that can be used in the home
  • Evidence based methods based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Psychological support
    Parent club

Our operations

Forms of Education

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Private Student Groups & Skill Development Centre

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Turbó Tanoda Summer Camp

Our constant professional staff


Marianna Sindulár kindergarten and primary school teacher, special education teacher, Educational Manager
Marcell Urbán founder of Budai Magánzeneiskola, music teacher, Head of Music
Krisztina Kerekes physiotherapist, skate instructor
Klára Engi physiotherapist, skate instructor
Andrea Béki logopedist, special education teacher
Judit Domak logopedist, psycho-pedagogist
Ágnes Pákozdi teacher Zsuzsa Nagy teacher
Dávid Fekete physical education teacher, swimming instructor
Giddel Uzoaga English language teacher
Eva Lamme-Szulyovszky child psychologist, BCBA, IBA


A dőlt betűs árak angol nyelvre vonatkoznak.

For parents

15.000 Ft

First session (90 perc) 20.000 Ft / (ENG) 25.000 Ft
Additional sessions (60 perc) 15.000 Ft / (ENG) 20.000 Ft

First session (90 perc) 25.000 Ft / (ENG) 30.000 Ft
Additional sessions (60 perc) 15.000 Ft / (ENG) 20.000 Ft

For children

60 perc 5.500.- Ft

(3 sessions and written assessment report with recommendations by a BCBA) Not diagnostic. 50.000 Ft / (ENG) 75.000 Ft

12.000 Ft (60 perc) / (ENG) 15.000 Ft

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A school where the length of
a lesson is constantly changing

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